4 Common Mistakes that Swimmers make: Swimming “Flat”

Welcome back Foot Splashers and Seasoned Swimmers! Today, I have a treat for our Seasoned swimmers–and MAN, is it special (it’s a treat for our Foot Splashers too, but only the most swimmiest among them).

Today begins the first of a four segment series detailing the mistakes that most swimmers make and the remedies to correct them.

Hoy, empezamos la primer segmento: “Swimming Flat”. Swimming “flat” is when, during the Freestlye stroke, instead of rolling with each stroke, the torso remains static.

The Ugly Side of Swimming Flat 💩:

1. Shoulder Impingement 😱

2. Stroke Inefficiency (more work, less results) 😰

3. Your friends will make fun of you

4. You’ll never win a swim race 😢

Steps to Eliminating Flatness and Incorporating Greatness aka The Body Roll 🏆:

1. Listen to Me ✅

2. Reach, Stretch, & Extend Leading Arms ✅

3. Relax & Allow Body to Roll/Tilt to Each Side ✅

4. Show Off to All your Friends Who Doubted ✅

5. Impress your Local Hot Lifeguard ✅

6. Body Roll Off Into the Sunset 🌅

The Beauty of a “Body Roll”

1. Considerably less strain on your shoulders 👍🏽

2. Smoother, more efficient and effective stroke (less work, more results) 🏄🏽

3. The envy of all your friends ☺️

4. Winning impromptu swim races with dolphins 🐬

Once you’re comfortable body rollin’ and body rockin’, you’re ready to check out the next fix! 💦


“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live”- Henry David Thoreau


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