The Third Step to Swimming out into the Great Blue Beyond: The Glide (Video)


Welcome back Foot Splashers and Seasoned Swimmers 💦!

Today’s topic concerns the third step one must undertake on their journey to becoming master of the 6 feets and seas (always 6 though because Christian, the Great Whale Shark Rider, still holds the 7th🦈)

The third step to going from Lonely Foot Splasher to Super Swimmer is learning the Front Glide 🦑.

The front glide is super simple and super fun. More often than not, most beginner swimmers feel more comfortable performing the front glide than the front float 👍🏽.

But I’ll let you be judge, let’s get into it!

5 Steps to your very own super swimmer glide ✅:

1st: Raise arms above head and around ears in arrow formation ✅

2nd: Position your back against a wall with one leg on the wall ✅

3rd: While still standing and with arms in alignment, position your head face down in the water ✅

4th: Gently push off of the wall with your leg, keeping your head face down and relaxed, and bringing both legs together so your body is long and straight from fingers to toes 🏹 ✅

5th: Relax and enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts glide (should be about 5-6 seconds) 😊✅

Bonus Exercise: try opening your arms and legs wide during the glide like a starfish to understand a little bit more of what drag is 🌟.

**you can also practice without the wall by pushing off of the floor

And there you go! Practice a few times in a row (5 times should do it) focusing on relaxing, gliding, and flying through the water 🛩.

The glide is a great opportunity to develop trust with the water by just allowing you and it to be. Let the water carry you💆🏽‍♂️. It’s safe, I promise!!

To stand, smoothly swing arms back and gently tuck knees to your chest🐢.

Once you’re comfortable gliding, you’re ready for the next step! 💦 DM or Email for lessons


“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live”- Henry David Thoreau


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